We manufacture boats made to excite, but mainly for those of you to enjoy the sea with serenity and safety.

While the market offers R.I.B.'s born to dazzle with stunning shapes and colors, distracting from the non-outstanding details, we have chosen to distinguish ourselves achieving maximum quality overall.

Our goal is to satisfy a demanding market that doesn’t settle for appearance only.

Yes ... we go against the tide.


Four years ago x44 was just an innovative idea appealing to everyone.

After ten years of experience, research and experimentation, over projects, production and assistance to other manufacturers we have started this exciting project as a combination of passion, technology and Italian Style.

In a market that expects quality products, innovative content, that are not a copy from one another or pure style exercises, we have worked to create a benchmark in the world of maxi RHIBs

We could have offered the usual boat, predictable, obvious, a simple trade-off between space and decorative accessories with original shapes and spectacular materials, but we could have been bored and would have brought down our pride. We thought about a new product, studied in every detail, that would combine new technologies with craftsmanship made in Italy.

Technologies and ideas would not be enough without a team led by passion and desire to improve every day.