Infusion System

MAR-CO manufactures vessels by the method “Infusion System”.


INFUSION SYSTEM The system is a technological innovation applied to the production of composite materials, and is used by MAR.CO MARINE COSTRUZIONI, to produce some of its inflatable boats.

Thanks to INFUSION SYSTEM, which is a method of vacuum infusion , it improves the treatment PRFV (plastic reinforced with fibre glass, fiberglass reinforced plastic ) , a raw material that is very important in the manufacture of inflatable boats.

The raw materials used in the construction of the keel , decks , and other parties , remain the same as those used in the traditional method of manual layering , where the resin and fiber glass , e.g. mat, mixed in layers, one over the other.

The main difference of the INFUSION SYSTEM, is the method by which the materials are mixed : the pressure generated in the gap , joining the resin to the glass fiber with a homogeneous manner , so that there is no loss or excess , which would unnecessarily increase the weight of the final product.

The ratio between the resin and the glass fiber is different: it gives the best mechanical resistance and lower weight ( more fiber glass , less resin) . The result of the infusion system is a final product of excellent quality , with high resistance and flexibility , and reduce weight by 30 % .

Thanks to the system INFUSION SYSTEM, the MAR.CO MARINE COSTRUZIONI has embarked on a path of renewal, the modification of molds , performing new works and the application of new methods of layering , in cooperation with chosen suppliers such as Tecnoresin s.r.l.