Rib Boats


marco rib boats

travels for more than 50 years. 50 years of work, research, great experience, and of continuous renewals. A rich inheritance that comes from ribs that are pre-designed and manufactured today. Ribs that are in advance in stability, in good structure, in colors and always in fashion. Ribs with countless solutions like space for the skis, space for life-vests in the aft, and the ability the front deck to transform into sundeck. Ribs that are constructed in that way that their interior space is able to change to satisfy all the demands. Ribs studied in full detail so that they are practical and functional. Ribs MAR-CO, a choice that lasts in time.


Cantieri Renier

The origins of our shipyard have their roots in the early 80s, when the first steps were taken in the yachting sector.

In 2014, the turning point arrives: after initially starting the production of the Freedom RS58 inflatable boat, thanks to the large baggage of experience accumulated over the years, the new and exciting challenge is faced with the R9 project, which will lead to the construction of inflatable boats. Renier brand.

The design basis of the Renier inflatable boats is based on a balanced mix of the experience of Luigi Renier, a great sea lover and first user of the boats, together with highly experienced designers. This combination of experience, passion and advanced planning, which makes use of 3D programs and the subsequent numerical control milling of the models, has meant that the line of our boats has quickly built a very precise identity, which combines iconic style, comfort. absolute and excellent sailing qualities within a very specific family feeling, loved by the most attentive and demanding owners.

The first R9, the prototype, was launched in July 2016, after more than 18 months that served to complete the meticulous design, model development, and mold creation. Since then we have been continuously developing new projects, creating models in different sizes and versions. In 2018 the R6 model enters production, a boat that redefines the concept of spaces on boats of this size. In 2019 three new models are defined and launched: R8 Tourer, R8 EFB, and R9 Tourer which are presented in the important showcase of the Cannes Boat Show.

2021 was the year of the presentation of two new models: a new flagship R11 presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival initially proposed in the open version (there will be accommodation for two people and a retractable toilet inside the console) and, on the occasion of the 61st Genoa Boat Show, of R7.